3Dsig 2014 welcomes sponsors to promote scientific exchange in the Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics conference, which will take place in july 2014 in Boston, USA. 3Dsig 2014 is associated to the ISMB annual conference of the International Society for Computational Biology.

3Dsig 2014 Sponsorship Benefits include:

Access to a focused and worldwide audience of hundreds of participants interested in the growing field of structural bioinformatics and computational biophysics. Beyond quantity, the meeting will host the top leaders and topics of the field as evident from the top-notch scientific committee steering it.

Networking with the major academic and commercial research institutions that focus their basic and applied R&D activities on biotechnology, pharmaceutical, health and agriculture. Links to sponsor's website from 3Dsig’s frequently-visited and highly-promoted website offer a unique opportunity for sponsors to link their institution with the structural bioinformatics and biophysical community.

Sales and marketing opportunities in a scientific community that is always keeping abreast of novel scientific and computational technologies.

3Dsig - a Tradition of Success:

Following the unprecedented success of the first four 3Dsig conferences in 2004 (Glasgow, Scotland), 2006 (Fortaleza, Brazil), 2007 (Vienna, Austria), 2008 (Toronto, Canada), 2009 (Stockholm, Sweden), 2010 (Boston, USA), 2011 (Vienna, Austria), 2012 (Long Beach, California) and 2013 (Berlin, Germany) we are confident that 3Dsig 2014 will be an even greater success. Previous 3Dsig’s have been organized by top scientists in structural bioinformatics and have represented a balanced blend of reviews, short presentations, and a novel laptop session.

3Dsig 2014 Sponsorship Categories:

3Dsig Friends - 500 USD
(a) Icon + link to sponsor from 3DSig web site
(b) Sponsor's leaflet (2-sided brochure) to be distributed along with the 3DSig booklet

3Dsig Poster Sponsor - 1,500 USD
(a) through (b) as above
(c) Announcement of sponsor's institution from the podium at the opening session
(d) Space allocated for a poster board located in the meeting hall
(e) Half-page ad in the 3DSig booklet

3Dsig Bronze Sponsor - 2,000 USD
(a) through (d) as above
(e) One-page ad in the 3DSig booklet OR Logo of sponsor's institution displayed on the main podium throughout the program

3Dsig Silver Sponsor - 3,000 USD
(a) through (d) as above
(e) One-page ad in the 3DSig booklet
(f) Logo of sponsor's institution displayed on the main podium throughout the program
(g) Company booth during the two laptop sessions

3Dsig Gold Sponsor - 6,000 USD
(a) through (g) as above
(h) Exclusive sponsoring of one scientific session OR of one laptop session
(i) Slide of sponsor displayed from break till the beginning of a session and sponsor's name announced at the beginning and at the end of the session

3Dsig Platinum Sponsor - 10,000 USD
(a) through (i) as above
(j) 30 minute scientific presentation at the dinner

Please contact the organizing committee by email (3dsig14@gmail.com) if you or your company would like to sponsor 3Dsig.