Laptop / Poster Presentation

We encourage all authors to prepare both a laptop presentation as well as a poster. Authors are allowed to present a similar or even identical poster in the main event.

It is recommended that each laptop presenter has 2-3 powerpoint slides and then for more interested audience some more slides / data / bioinformatic software.

3Dsig introduced with success the laptop session as an innovation in the way authors can present their work. This new media is particularly welcome in the field of Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics as it helps in the visualization and exploration of complex structural data.

Poster Display Size: When preparing accepted posters please note that your poster should not exceed the following dimensions: 46 inches wide by 45 inches high. There will be 2 posters per side on the each poster board. One poster will be an odd number and the other will be an even number. View a diagram of the the poster board in pdf format here.

In 2007 we re-introduced the poster session in addition to the laptop session as we felt that posters help both locate and draw attention to the work. We therefore invite those presenting a laptop presentation to also bring a poster or at least a title page that can be affixed in the poster space above the laptop to help attendees locate your station.

In 2015 we will maintain the dual laptop/poster session whereby each presenter will have space allocated for a poster as well as a laptop stand and electricity socket nearby to be able to lead the laptop presentation and discuss points presented in the poster at the same time.

Please note that authors are responsible for bringing their own laptops as well as for its security.

AUTHORS: Please note that many choose to bring only their laptop and not a poster. In our experience, a poster or at least a title banner helps visitors locate your laptop presentation - the poster has the added bonus of giving visitors the chance to read your work in your absence.