Participants who wish to do an oral or poster presentation must submit an abstract that will be reviewed by the 3Dsig committee. It is the responsibility of the authors to assure that their submissions adhere to the template and follow the guidelines below. Submission not adhering to the template will not be accepted. Also, please take note that we encourage authors to prepare a small laptop presentation to go along with their posters. Authors are allowed to present a similar or even identical poster in the main event.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Authors are required to utilize one of the templates provided below.
  2. The submission cannot be longer than one page.
  3. Authors are not allowed to change margins, line spacings, font type or size in the template.
  4. While the position of the figure in the text can be adjusted within the text, the general outlook of the document (title, short abstract, long abstract, etc.) cannot be altered.
  5. The presenting author should be underlined.
  6. The corresponding author should be followed by an asterix (*) and its email in the affiliation section.

Word Template: 3DSIG2015_Template.docx
Pages Template: 3DSIG2015_Template.pages
Open Office documents will not be accepted, as formatting differs.

The presenting author should send the document to and respect the email guidelines detailed below. If the submission is accepted, the author will receive an email confirmation with a submission ID in the weeks preceeding the conference.

How a PDF should look like (send us only a .doc or .pages): 3DSIG2015_Template.pdf

Email guidelines:

  1. Subject line: The email subject line should be either: “Poster & Oral” or “Poster only”. Meaning in the first case that the submission should be considered for an oral presentation.
  2. Message body: The message should contain the title, affiliation, full list of author names and the name of the presenting author.
  3. Message attachment: The word/pages document with the submission

> Key dates

If any corrections are required after the initial submission, please contact the organizing committee email.

Consult the 2014 proceedings.