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Bundled softwares containing FlexAID (v2.48), Process_Ligand and GetCleft.

For Linux (32-bit): FlexAID_Bundle_Linux32.tar.gz
For Linux (64-bit): FlexAID_Bundle_Linux64.tar.gz
For Windows (32-bit): FlexAID_Bundle_Win32.tar.gz
For Windows (64-bit): FlexAID_Bundle_Win64.tar.gz
For MacOSX (64-bit): FlexAID_Bundle_MacOSX64.tar.gz

Source code: Source_code.tar.gz

Supplementary files for the FlexAID paper: Click here


Graphical-user-interface for FlexAID and GetCleft (NRGsuite v2.48i)

(includes already the FlexAID, Process_Ligand and GetCleft executables above)

For Linux (32-bit): NRGsuite_Linux32.tar
For Linux (64-bit): NRGsuite_Linux64.tar
For Windows (32-bit): NRGsuite_Win32.exe
For Windows (64-bit): NRGsuite_Win64.exe
For MacOSX (64-bit): NRGsuite_MacOSX64.pkg

Documentation: NRGsuite_Guide.pdf

Known limitations

PyMOL uses its own version of Python to function and the NRGsuite requires at least Python version 2.5 to work properly. Therefore, PyMOL versions 1.0/1.1 are currently unsupported by the NRGsuite. Moreover, the NRGsuite is also incompatible on Linux 32-bit with the educational and pre-compiled PyMOL build v1.3r1. For the best results, please use the lastest version of PyMOL available for your system.

To submit a bug report or for technical questions, please contact