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National Resource for Network Biology

Tags Network biology open source cytoscape
By: matthieu chartier  
March 18 2012

National Resource for Network Biology

The National Resource for Network Biology provides an open source suite of software technologies to enable network-based visualization, analysis, and biomedical discovery. Cytoscape is the flagship tool supported by NRNB.

Network biology has exploded in the last years. A wide variety of technologies have been introduced for mapping networks of gene and protein interactions.

A wide range of computational techniques are being developed in order to analyze biological network data to address specific problems with relevance to basic biology and human health:

- gene function prediction
- detection of protein complexes and other modular structures
- network evolution
- prediction of new interactions and functional associations
- identification of disease subnetworks
- subnetwork-based diagnosis
- subnetwork-based gene association

Open source software doesn't simply mean freely available software: it means a community of motivated researchers that help eachother for the developement of quality softwares for the well being of the community and the world at large.

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