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F1000 Evaluation of Ekins et al. PLoS ONE 8(5): e62325

Par: Rafael Najmanovich  
2 Mai 2013

Evaluation of Ekins S, Olechno J, Williams AJ (2013) Dispensing Processes Impact Apparent Biological Activity as Determined by Computational and Statistical Analyses. PLoS ONE 8(5): e62325.

This article uses as basis for the analysis previously generated data from AstraZeneca of IC50 measurements for a series of compounds against a single target using two different liquid handling methods: pipettes using standard plastic tips and a contact-less sound-based technique (produced by a company that employs one of the authors). Surprisingly, the data shows great discrepancies between the two methods. The authors generate pharmacophore models based on the biological activities using the different techniques and find that the pharmacophore model created using acoustic liquid handling data better describes the known characteristics of the target binding site. The importance of this article is in raising awareness of and starting a discussion about the potential effect of the methods used to handle the minute volumes involved in high-throughput screening.

Disclaimer: Our group is in the process of starting a collaboration with Sean Ekins on a completely unrelated subject.

The above F1000 evaluation has been submitted to F1000.

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